Personalised Wedding Pearl Design Converse Style Pumps

Personalised Wedding Pearl Design Converse Style Pumps

Personalised Converse Style Pumps

 (unbranded pumps)


Pumps come with white pearls and clear gem design on the back - white ribbon laces with silver text - bows with hearts.


Font used as displayed


No writing on the sides of the shoes.


Colours can be changed on request


  • Refunds/Returns/Exchanges Policy

    There is no warranty on custom made products. Please understand that all of our products are handmade and need extra care when you use it. We put best effort on making our products and double check on them. It's your own responsibility to look after and take care of them.
    Due to our items being personalised we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. Please double check all the spellings/dates, colours etc

    Item/s will be replaced/fixed if any mistake made from our side.

    We send photos of finished products to all our customers before dispatch to ensure you are happy and to have final check on spellings, colours etc.

    If in the unlikelihood that a product arrives damaged, if we are notified within 24 hours, the item/s will be replaced/fixed. Proof of damaged goods required.

    No replacements or refunds available on used items.

  • Turn around time

    We generally work on an up to 4 WEEK turn around time, this is due to the amount of orders that we receive. We always try to cut these times down as much as we can however it can still take up to 4 weeks for order to be dispatched.
    If you have left it a little late to order, don’t worry in most cases we can help you to have your order sent out quickly as possible, message us before placing an order to see if it can be made on time.